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There is a bug with user certificates. It creates working certificates and i can download them using ssh. And certificates will be work. But if i download certificate using "download" button in certificate manager it not working. Is there any bug tracker?

My knowledge in linux and php very poor but i think something wrong with class File. When i do this:
$file = new File('/etc/pki/CA/client-ivan.p12');
I have a string with lenth = 3859. And file not work after saving.
But if i do this:
I have a string with length = 3860. And all works fine.

function File->get_contents include such string: return implode("\n", $contents). Beefore this string strlen($contents) = 3860, after this string strlen($contents=3859)

Can anybоdy fix this bug?
Saturday, August 04 2018, 04:52 PM
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