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Hi all,

On the clear foundation home page, last week Peter posted regarding the Community 6.6 release. I expected that this would be released some days prior to the professional edition getting the update. I was therefore surprised to see the update had installed on our professional edition on Friday. I have no problem with Yum doing minor unattended updates, but with such a major update, I would have liked to received an advanced warning in the form of a statement on the website, so that I could have arranged cover should any problems have been encountered.

Monday, February 23 2015, 12:54 PM
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    Monday, February 23 2015, 02:02 PM - #Permalink
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    Hi David,

    Message received!

    There's a lot of things we could have done better, and communication as you've mentioned, is so critical to those on the receiving end.

    We didn't actively push out any notifications through the myriad of social tools available today. Our bad for keeping you guys in the dark.

    6.6 was a strange release in that it overlapped with the v7 beta and resources being allocated for the new 'unified website' for ClearOS. Not an excuse...just a perfect storm.

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