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ClearCenter and ClearFoundation are interested in starting a CentOS variant
called 'ClearCenter Marketplace for CentOS'. This will allow management of
various CentOS services, EPEL packages, and third party applications to be
easily managed and configured under CentOS.

We are also interested in being part of a SIG centered around 'Server
Management.' Please let us know the next steps. We'd like to get started
right away and we are willing to participate in the process of helping to
set up shop. Let us know how we can serve.

David Loper
President, ClearFoundation
Saturday, January 11 2014, 12:09 AM
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    Saturday, January 18 2014, 10:37 PM - #Permalink
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    We're all still in the early stages of discussion and everyone is welcome to join in! One possibility on the table is to tweak the two ClearOS 7 editions:

    ClearOS Community 7 -> CentOS 7 Variant

    This is an assumption on my part, but I'm fairly certain that a CentOS variant would have to be 100% open source. That's essentially a ClearOS Community Edition without any of the paid apps. This edition would be free as in beer, and free as in speech. All the packaging and repo management that we do today would be done via the CentOS variant (either in full or in part). It's already something that is free and open today -- from source to builds to repos -- so it's not a big philosophical change.

    The big gotcha is this: how would ClearOS Community 6 users with paid apps migrate to ClearOS 7? Read on...

    ClearOS Professional -> Business as Usual

    The ClearOS Professional Edition would be very similar to what we have today. Since we don't want to leave ClearOS Community 6 users with paid apps in a lurch, the marketing guys are trying to think up ways to provide a $0 Professional Edition. Keep an open mind before reading these! Just thoughts...

    - It could be a new "SuperLite" edition that does not include all the goodies in the existing "Lite" edition (i.e. no master/slave, no verified updates).

    - It could be the existing Lite edition, but with some kind of "please Facebook like us" type of hook. Or helping with QA, posting in the forums, etc.

    - It could be an upgrade voucher for those who have systems with "ClearOS Community 6 + paid apps"

    - It could be... other ideas

    Bottom Line - It's A Moving Target

    The CentOS variant idea still needs to jell. The 100% open source requirement could pose some migration issues, but the sales/marketing folks seem to be very open to ideas.
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    Wednesday, January 15 2014, 10:36 PM - #Permalink
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    Intriguing! anything to do with the recent partnership announcement?
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    Saturday, January 11 2014, 10:37 AM - #Permalink
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    This does sound interesting, what sort of participation is required?
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