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Hi all,

Zarafa's packaging of RPM's has had a few problems over the years and caused some headaches for us to keep our (Zarafa on ClearOS) users up to date.

I recently found some time to put a path together for all users on ClearOS 6 (ClearOS 7 is using Zarafa 7.2) to get up to the following:

Zarafa Webapp 2.1.2-500
Zarafa z-push 2.2.5

Note...this upgrade is only available to those users who have purchased Tim Burgess' Zarafa Community App from the Marketplace...if you installed packages directly from Zarafa or other workarounds, this upgrade path does not apply.

As a result of the packaging issues, it's a bit of an ugly upgrade aesthetically speaking, however, I've run it on a few systems in testing and seems to work OK...I'm at the point where we could use a few more enthusiastic users to give this a try.

First off, you must be running Zarafa 7.1...if you are on Zarafa 7.0 still, you'll need to upgrade...Follow instructions here.

I'm posting this in the Zarafa Community section, so I'm assuming you're running Community Edition...I'll post a similar notice in the Zarafa Small Business section too...for those of you who fall into that category, don't miss the part where you need to request (from ClearCenter via a ticket) a new Zarafa serial when you go fro 7.0 to 7.1.

Once you're on Zarafa 7.1 (again, on your ClearOS 6 Community or Pro Edition), in the CLI, run the following:

yum remove zarafa-webapp
ENABLE_BETA=True yum --enablerepo=clearos-epel,clearos-centos install app-zarafa-community

Don't worry about the 'yum remove' will take out a few packages, but these will be added back during the install line. You will not lose any mail.

It would be best to perform these commands after hours when incoming mail and user activity is low.

This is as clean as I can get it.

Zarafa's use of the epoch and resulting 'downgrade' will be prevented by the app-zarafa package requiring only version 7.1.14.

Your auto-updates will continue to function since it runs the command:

yum --skip-broken upgrade

If you want to manually run upgrades in the future, you'll need to add the --skip-broken or need to do the following:

yum --exclude=zarafa-webapp upgrade

Please note..there is nothing we can do on this matter...This was deemed the best path forward, given the packages we get from Zarafa.

Why upgrade? Well, Zarafa webapp (https://<SERVER>/webapp) has undergone some huge improvements...not just bug fixes, but performance increases and features.

If you have any issue and/or can post your feedback here for everyone's benefit, that'd be great.

More info on the jump we've made from 7.0.x (or 7.1.5 or 7.1.7, depending on what repos you upgraded from) can be found here:

Thursday, February 04 2016, 05:59 PM
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    Thursday, March 10 2016, 06:45 PM - #Permalink
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    Ben; I started out with Tim's paid app, but diverged when I upgraded the webapp to 2.0.2 in order to fix some IE problems. I've had to do subsequent updates with the --ignore flag.
    my current versions are zcp 7.1.11-46050 and webapp 2.0.2-48619

    Will I still be able to try this update?
    I'm planning to upgrade my 6.7 to COS7.2 (home essentials) in the near future, and figure that the latest version software would be of benefit.
    I'm just building up a COS7.1 or 7.2 box (tried to download 7.2 three times, but it keeps timing out), so may just install the 7.1 then try an upgrade afterwards.
    Is there an approved upgrade strategy for 6.7 to 7.x ? I can't seem to find a thread documenting it. (poor keyword choice no doubt).
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