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Hey there,

I'm really shocked and disappointed with the state of the ClearOS project. Many years ago at another company I deployed a version 5.x box with 4x ADSL & 1x fibre connections, setup load-balancing, DHCP with subnetting with redirection to different gateways, and bandwidth control to prevent users from monopolizing the Internet connectivity; and this all from the web interface in a couple of easy steps. The setup was very similar to what I'm trying to accomplish here at the moment. FFA access with kind of a fair-usage throttling policy to prevent users from eating up all the resources and capacity.

However, it seems like this project is dying a slow death... I find so many posts of people looking for the same answers that I'm looking for and it is really simple stuff, most of these posts are answered with huge hacks to the config files or just not answered at all! More specifically, basic load-balancing rules to allocate specific limits to each DHCP client, bandwidth load-balancing over more than one WAN connection, traffic redirection that does not work etc. Documentation pages are just dead or non-existent, screenshots does not match the functionality that we see on the software etc.

Just for background purposes, I'm using the following hardware:

IBM x3250 M3 server
Intel Xeon X3440 2.53GHz
2x 320GB in RAID1
2x Intel onboard NICs
2x Intel discrete NICs

Currently running ClearOS v7.2 with ONLY the absolute necessary I require for my setup which IMHO is really not a lot. Average daily DHCP clients is about 500, this setup should surely be able to hold up in terms of hardware right?

I'm getting really weird performance issues on this setup... ClearOS says it's idling, but webconfig locks up randomly, I don't get the throughput of the WAN connections (200Mbps & 100Mbps respectively) at all. Some DHCP clients get 10MB/s download rates, others can't even open Google at some points during the day.

Then, my next gripe is the "Bandwidth Manager" & "Bandwidth and QoS Manager" apps does not do their job... I've tried sooo many rules on both apps so far and still no throttling on the DHCP clients monopolizing the Internet connectivity. At first I thought it might have been hardware causing all these problems, so I started looking into the actual specifications of each component but my conclusion is that there is no way on earth that this hardware configuration could not hold up with the traffic or load! I've deployed Cisco SMB routers, MicroTiks & Netgear routers that did a better job with a fraction of the hardware capacity.

I strongly considered procuring a dedicated ClearOS device with the next batch of infrastructure purchases because I'd really like to support the OSS community but I've lost all confidence in the software!

Sooo many cool features that were present in 5.x and 6.x are now just taken out or replaced with apps that is so abstract to use that you can't make out what on earth is going on...

Apologies for my rant, this is actually supposed to be a just that but also to poke the community to confirm my frustrations. Any comments?
Thursday, September 29 2016, 09:08 AM
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