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Meetings are held every Saturday at noon UTC. You can join the meeting here:
+1 470-228-6361‬ PIN: ‪966 984 580‬#

Todd merge request - syswatch may introduce a bug.
- Needs update support.
- Bug fixed by merge request and newer items.

- Introductions.
In attendance: DL, MvL, NH, ML

- Review of last week's progress
Progress made on app-storage, and app-cockpit.
App-samba - removed deprecated parameter ‘profile acts’
Syswatch - changes ping servers and udp-ping support
Csplugin-filewatch - add systemctl to shudders to alleviate deprecated service command.
OpenVPN- as mentioned
QoS- as mentioned
Network-map: two filters to stop reporting bad hardware address and flip-flops, and bogons

- Status Report on 8.0 Release
CentOS still needs release for full dev environment but use of app-cockpit will help people get a head start. Discussion on use of podman as a key component of ClearOS 8.0.

- Merge Request Status
Wikisuite merges and others still in progress.

- Bug Report Status
NH: QoS working well post-release, OpenVPN release looks good. DG (app-content-filter) fix to watch squid also out and appears working. App-antivirus needs clamav spec file changed.
ML: Php engines deletes something in temp. Nukes temp folder in websites.

- Training
Example of using Atom with git demonstrated for localization

- Features Review

- Gather goals for the Rest of the Year
- Gather goals for Quarter
- Gather goals for Month
- Gather goals for the Week
All skipped. Need more participation from stakeholders.

- Notes:

- Work in Progress and team commiits:


Here is a tentative agenda for next week's meeting:

- Introductions
- Review of last week's progress
- Status Report on 7.6 Release
- Review apps/bugs to be fixed in the near future
- Merge Request Status
- Bug Report Status

- Localization Review
- Features Review

- Continue to gather goals for the Rest of the Year
- Continue to gather goals for Quarter
- Continue to gather goals for Month
- Continue to gather goals for the Week
Tuesday, May 28 2019, 06:01 PM
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