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Community Meetings are held every Saturday at noon UTC. You can join the meeting here:
+1 470-228-6361‬ PIN: ‪966 984 580‬#

Previous minutes

- Introductions.
Meeting was attended by Nick Howitt, Eric Ampire, Josue Yenga and Johathan Yombo.
Jonathan is also an undergraduate in the DRC and works for WikiSuite.

- Review recent progress
Last updates to yum-marketplace-plugin was made

Clamav was updated to 0.101.5 as a CVE fic. It also brings great benefits to the app loading time.

app-filescan was tweaked with a minor addition to allow manyal configuration of file and folder excludes.

app-sia is in beta

- ClearOS 7.7 for Home and Business should be released on Tuesday 3rd Dec. It how has a repo issue because Community is going too far ahead of Business.

- Merge Request Status
Merge of app-network complete (big thanks to Todd Lewis) but there is a blocking bug from previous updates.

- Bug Report Status
Hoping for a community fix for #40 and #41. Josue said he may be able to review my code for #40 and I took the DRC contingent through the issue with #41.

- Training
We showed the DRC how app-openvpn worked to put issues #9, #10 and #17 into context as the DRC team are looking at taking on the patches required.

- Features Review

- Notes:

- Work in Progress and team commits:
ClearOS 7.7 Home and Business release is scheduled for 3rd Drc

Kopano 8..5.8 is scheduled for release on 10th Dec.

Kopano 8.7.5 is scheduled for release on 17th Dec.

New app-network is plodding along. Current issue is with External VLANs (#40)

The new app-sia needs more feedback but appears to have some issues. Also, documentation needed

app-clearshare phase1: To be released soon


Here is a tentative agenda for next week's meeting:

- Introductions
- Review of last week's progress
- Status Report on 7.7 Release
- Review apps/bugs to be fixed in the near future
- Merge Request Status
- Bug Report Status

- Localization Review
- Features Review

- Continue to gather goals for the Rest of the Year
- Continue to gather goals for Quarter
- Continue to gather goals for Month
- Continue to gather goals for the Week
Monday, December 02 2019, 08:21 AM
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