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The Community Meeting on 15th Feb will be held at 19.00 UTC

Community Meetings are held every Saturday at noon UTC. You can join the meeting here:
+1 470-228-6361‬ PIN: ‪966 984 580‬#

Previous minutes

- Introductions.
Meeting was attended by Nick Howitt, Marcel van Leeuwen and Patrick de Brabander.

- Review recent progress
Release app-dns and why it was reversed
App-network has had an update from Eric Ampire to add back a speed test icon to external VLAN's.
App-network to be updated by Team Canada
Patrick took us through what he is doing with app-kopano to add a user selectable backup folder.

- Merge Request Status
app-network - updated by Eric Ampire. More bugs need to be squashed before release.
app-openvpn - waiting further input from Eric Ampire.
app-attack-detector - waiting further input from Josue Yenga.

- Bug Report Status
Team Canada to fix #40 and #21.
Team India working on app-dns

Still have critical bugs and missing functionality in app-sia

- Training
Nick went through Patrick's update and gave pointers to other apps which have bits of code doing something similar, so may be useful as examples.

- Features Review

- Notes:

- Work in Progress and team commits:
New app-network is plodding along. Current issue is with External VLANs (#40)

We discussed a new time for the meeting and are going to hold the next one at 19.00 UTC on Saturday 15th Feb.


Here is a tentative agenda for the next meeting:

- Introductions
- Review of last week's progress
- Review apps/bugs to be fixed in the near future
- Merge Request Status
- Bug Report Status

- Localization Review
- Features Review

- Continue to gather goals for the Rest of the Year
- Continue to gather goals for Quarter
- Continue to gather goals for Month
- Continue to gather goals for the Week
Tuesday, February 11 2020, 09:08 AM
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