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Please note the new Community Meeting Day and time

Community Meetings are now held every Friday at 19.00 UTC. You can join the meeting here:
+1 470-228-6361‬ PIN: ‪966 984 580‬#

Previous minutes

- Introductions.
Meeting was attended by Nick Howitt and Patrick de Brabander.

- Review recent progress
Work on moving issues over to Gitlab.
Discussed the update to app-mail-antispam and how the upstream patching worked with it. Also showed how to query the changelog.

- Merge Request Status
app-openvpn - waiting further input from Eric Ampire. He has said he will complete the work.
app-attack-detector - waiting further input from Josue Yenga. I am waiting feedback to see if this will ever be completed.

- Bug Report Status
Team Canada to fix #40 and #21. Peter said he would be getting a bit more time to work on the app.
Discussed the request to support CRL's for OpenVPN. I may have a look at it apart from the webconfig side.

Still have critical bugs and missing functionality in app-sia

- Training

- Features Review

- Notes:

- Work in Progress and team commits:
New app-network is plodding along. Current issue is with External VLANs (#40)
Nextcloud v18. As we were speaking I suddenly remembered how to fix the requirement for PHP7.2 which had been the blocker. Both Tyler and Patrick have subsequently tested my fix and confirmed it working.

- Other
Patrick demonstrated what he has done to get iLO4 working in the ClearOS iLO app.
Discussed ClamAV and why we were not currently aiming to go to 0.102.x (nor is Centos7)
Had a brief discussion about the new HP Microserver Gen10+



Here is a tentative agenda for the next meeting:

- Introductions
- Review of last week's progress
- Review apps/bugs to be fixed in the near future
- Merge Request Status
- Bug Report Status

- Localization Review
- Features Review

- Continue to gather goals for the Rest of the Year
- Continue to gather goals for Quarter
- Continue to gather goals for Month
- Continue to gather goals for the Week
Monday, March 23 2020, 04:29 PM
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