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Community Meetings are now held every Friday at 19.00 UTC+1. You can join the meeting here:
+1 470-228-6361‬ PIN: ‪966 984 580‬#

Previous minutes

- Introductions.
Meeting was attended by Nick Howitt and Patrick de Brabander

- Review recent progress
app-domoticz - Patrick reports successful testing of the update and only had to reset 2 of about 36 sensors.
app-samba-common - was updated to delete files from .trash > 60 days old. We also looked at the possibility of stopping temporary files from being kept in the recycle bin.
app-nextcloud - there is an update for NC18 but Tyler wants to tweak it to get rid of a couple of issues.
app-proxy - I said I wanted to add a configurable parameter to be able to run the proxy cacheless. This is advisable for people with a fast internet connection and/of slow disks. Currently it is a manual tweak described in the app documentation but I believe it should be in the Webconfig.

- Merge Request Status
app-attack-detector - waiting further input from Josue Yenga. I am waiting feedback to see if this will ever be completed.
syswatch - submitted by Todd Lewis. It is being reviewed by Peter.

- Bug Report Status
Team Canada to fix #40 and #21. Peter said he would be getting a bit more time to work on the app.

Still have critical bugs and missing functionality in app-sia

- Training

- Features Review

- Notes:

- Work in Progress and team commits:
New app-network is plodding along. Current issue is with External VLANs (#40). I have asked Team Canada for further input.
Nextcloud v18. See above.

- Other
Patrick says there is an update to kopano available. I will need to work out how to deal with it because of a packaging issue.
Eric Ampire contacted me directly and asked if he could work on anything. I suggested an OpenVPN status screen.



Here is a tentative agenda for the next meeting:

- Introductions
- Review of last week's progress
- Review apps/bugs to be fixed in the near future
- Merge Request Status
- Bug Report Status

- Localization Review
- Features Review

- Continue to gather goals for the Rest of the Year
- Continue to gather goals for Quarter
- Continue to gather goals for Month
- Continue to gather goals for the Week
Tuesday, April 21 2020, 03:58 PM
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