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I've been trying to install Delphi's Community Edition for the last several days. The basic program installs, however, when trying to use their GetIt repository installer, the install kept failing, indicating a corrupted download. Embarcadero doesn't support any help for that edition, and posts in a public forum produced no workable solutions. I finally decided, as I had gotten a proxy server notification from ClearOS when trying to get something to work, that I would use a hot spot and bypass ClearOS. Magically, everything began to work, and all the packages installed.

So it appears that something is blocking the downloads. I have no information on a particular port that may be blocked, but I suspect that may be the case. Is there a way or a report that would indicate a block of incoming data?


Friday, December 16 2022, 07:05 PM
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    Friday, December 16 2022, 07:19 PM - #Permalink
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    Figured it out. Apparently the dowloaded files from Embarcadero to complete the installation, those that set up Windows, MacOS and IOS programming, are encrypted. I had ClearOS Antimalware set up to block encrypted files. Turned that off, and the last file I needed downloaded without error.

    Would have been sorta nice if the installer had a reasonable message about why things were failing.

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