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Hi (Taylor)

I've (and other users) have received today an email to upgrade Kopano to 8.5.8.
This is very old news (see

Is the mail correct and we need to upgrade to a newer version (8.7.5) or did we get old news which is now communicated ??

Hi Patrick,

We are reaching out to all ClearOS customers who have purchased a Kopano Basic license because there is an urgent upgrade that is very critical and needs to happen. Kopano version 8.5.8 provides an important fix for two critical CVE's (CVE-2018-8950 and CVE-2018-8951).

Unfortunately, Kopano's recommended upgrade process to patch these vulnerabilities makes it difficult or too risky to automatically deploy these packages via the regular ClearOS update process.

You can find out how to run the upgrade on our documentation page below. It is best to plan the upgrade at a time convenient to you.


Tyler Randolph

1145 S. 800 E. Suite 190
Orem UT 84097 USA

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The link in the email is also not working.......

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Friday, September 13 2019, 10:41 AM
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