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Hey we are running ClearOS Enterprise 5.2, we had 256 MB memory and our faillog was filled with weird characters over and over on one line. I dont remember exactly what it was but it was something like this:


We figured it was just because we had low memory and were running alot of services.

I didnt check the faillog before we replaced the memory so we dont know if it changed durring the mem upgrade or before but now it is completely empty. I have failed the authentication on purpose and its still empty. Honestly this disturbs me.

It makes me think either ClearOS doesnt use the faillog or we may have been rooted. What do you guys think?
Friday, December 16 2011, 07:13 PM
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    Saturday, December 17 2011, 09:58 PM - #Permalink
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    Hi, ClearOS doesn't use Faillog (unless you have been experimenting with Fail2ban), and rather uses the secure to log authentication failures.
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