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filterPort - can we update it?

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We had ClearOS 6.8 installed earlier on our local internet server, and recently upgraded it to ClearOS 7.3.

Previously, for restricting access to time sucking sites like facebook and youtube, we had set proxy to non-transparent mode, and added the required restrictions in the content filter settings. Setting proxy as non-transparent, required the connecting client browsers to specify servername:8080 in the proxy settings. With this everything was working as desired.

When we moved to Clear OS 7.3, we used ApplicationFilter service to block specific apps such as FB. Since that worked, we left proxy in transparent mode itself so that the connecting clients are no longer required to specify a proxy server. However its being observed that if the proxy settings are left on, the users are able to access the net including the sites such as FB.

Wanted to know if there is anyway we can block the access by setting proxy server in the internet settings. Is it OK to change the filterport value in dansguardian.conf to something else other than 8080? Or is there any other better way?

Looking forward to your responses
Friday, June 02 2017, 01:39 PM
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