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Hi everybody,

I recently discovered ClearOS and found it very promising, so I decided to get the opportunity of the stay-at-home order to get started with it.

I have to confess, I'm a fresh fish in network management and recently repurposed an old computer with 2 Ethernet ports for acting as a gateway, a NAS, a nextcloud server, a BitTorrent client, a VPN client and a VPN server. (it was an openmediavault station for ages, but I didn't take the step of using docker while they moved to it, maybe it's a mistake, but hey, we only have 24 hours a day isn't it ?)

I don't know whether this configuration is possible or not, but I'd like to :

  1. access to the wan from my lan by a VPN provider (NordVPN) through their wireguard client (Nordlynx)
  2. be able to remotely access to my lan from any internet connection (Thanks to a VPN server on my ClearOS station, preferably wireguard or eventually OpenVPN)
  3. access my nextcloud server from the lan AND from internet (through the VPN server on my clearOS station OR NOT as I consider nextcloud secured enough for my purpose)
  4. access an external cloud storage service from nextcloud through WebDAV.
  5. Have a Transmission client on my ClearOS station passing ALL its traffic through VPN (for thant, I'd need a kill switch ;-p )
  6. be able to share a specific folder from my ClearOS station through WebDAV (however, I can eventually nanage it through nexclouds)

My ISP provides me with a fix IP address and full port forwarding in my box.
I've installed the wireguard client (but for now, as soon as I start it, I cannot access the web from my lan) and would like to have it for bandwidth reasons as I have 1Gbps optical fiber
I don't know if it's possible to have a wireguard client and server at the same time on the same machine. If not, I'd prefer to have a wireguard client on the gateway to connect to lan and an OpenVPN server for remote access to my lan (for bandwidth reasons as I will not very often access to my lan from elsewhere on the net).
I think I can manage the NAS / Nextcloud / Bittorrent side of the project easily as I'm pretty used to linux, despite I usually work on Arch and Debian systems.
My main issue, if the VPN server and client can act simultaneously, is to set up firewall rules. I have to admit I never had to deal with it in the past and just used port forwarding with the box given by my ISP. I'm wondering whether it's a big deal or not, for a newbie such I am, or if it's a good project for starting learning how to set up firewall rules. Hence, I'd appreciate some help, tips and/or interesting links
Also, we call it a "cherry topping the cake" in French, I'd appreciate to have the ability to access from anywhere on internet, through the VPN server of my ClearOS station, to the web thanks to my VPN provider (NordVPN).

As you understand, my English is not perfect and, maybe, I'm not as clear as I'd expect to be. Please ask for any needed clarifications and accept my deeper apologies for maltreating Shakespeare language.

I really thank everybody for helps, suggests, opinions and so on on this subject and am glad to be part of this community.

Hope to read you soon,
Saturday, April 18 2020, 11:21 PM
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    Wednesday, April 29 2020, 08:01 AM - #Permalink
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    I've just found these resources at NordVPN which may help - and
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    Sunday, April 19 2020, 08:15 AM - #Permalink
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    The biggest problem here is NordVPN. I have no idea how to integrate it with ClearOS. I think it is for individual clients and not for a gateway. There is an OpenVPN app for ibVPN which does do some integration and allows you to route the LAN through it, but I don't know the details.

    2 - It is currently possible through OpenVPN where there is a ClearOS app, but someone has recently set up Wireguard, I believe.
    3 - Nextcloud allows direct external access so should be fine. I'd also expect it to work through OpenVPN
    4 - I think that is a Nextcloud function so should work directly.
    5 - see the NordVPN issue.
    6 - Not totally sure here. You can certainly publish a flexshare folder as a website and this allows file access. I don't know if it is using WebDav.
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