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Is anyone running this software on a COS 6+ box to monitor sensors?

Ill need to install this on my new poweredge.
This Poweredge 2950 gen 2 sounds like an f16 taking off so I did what everyone else has done and modded the fans with resistors to knock the rpm's down. Worked nicely and she still pushing plenty of air while being pretty quiet.
I will have to flash a modified BMC file to the mgmnt control so I can modify the lower rpm threshold.

In case any of you folks are running a Dell poweredge server in your house anywhere and your old lady says it sounds like a leaf blower 24/7 get it out of this house.

Personally Im going to up my resistors to 33-ohms@1 or 2 watts. Im current at 33-ohms at .5 watt
If you need to do this let me know I can get you more detailed photos of my innards than this guy has.

Anyhow Im just curious if anyone has installed that FreeIPMI sensor software on a COS box?
Wednesday, October 01 2014, 06:16 PM
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    Tuesday, October 14 2014, 09:24 PM - #Permalink
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    The kernel as it comes from COS does not have the device driver support enabled for IPMI. You would need to configure and rebuild the kernel to enable it.
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