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Due to my server dying on me in the midst of decorating :blink: Decided it was time to go down the low power/small form factor route.

Been hunting around for the last month or so when I stumbled across a 4 bay NAS with the above mentioned board. Coupled with 4gb mem and a 3220 cpu seemed like a good bet/buy(£300 no drives).

Did some research on the wifi , luck would have it its listed as hostap compatible. Bonus. the chip is the intel 7260

So 2 lan ports plus wifi, thats the wifi ap I can also dump ;) yea more room plus even less power used as well as plug sockets ;)

Right down to the nitty gritty..

Installed COS 6.5 , Intel lan works, Wifi chip works. Bonus!
The second lan chip don't work, the AR8161. However thanks to the efforts of Nick Howitt theres a Kmod package to rectify this available here on the 3rd page

Second snag!

The driver/kernel that ships with COS does not allow the intel wifi chip to be used as a AP :(

But alas, problem has been solved by the efforts of a certain Tim Burgess which has built the 3.7 kernel. Thats here

Then there we have it, wifi chip with full capabilities B)

All devices/hardware is working fine on the kernel of Tim's.

Now for my question :blush:

Wifi AP. .

Right I can set the wifi chip via hostapd as a AP fine using none/wep/wpa-psk with no problems. including n support.

The pain bit has been in using the radius server(on same box)

I followed this guide but it refuses to work ! :(

Any body got any idea's ?

I did try using the web interface to set it up but that didn't work neither. Even after removing the spaces it places in the hosapd.conf file causing it to fail to start ;)

Every thing else is up and running fine.

Apart from the one snag its shaped up to be a good SOHO setup . Mines running everything bar mail as a gateway, including a minecraft server of my lads. TS3 too


Sorted the radius problem.
:blush: After all that messing, some fresh eyes in the morning and noticed I missed a 1 in the hostapd.conf file

Should be

So everything now works spot on! B) :cheer:
Friday, August 01 2014, 02:15 PM
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    Monday, August 04 2014, 04:52 PM - #Permalink
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    Great! glad the kernel was also of use to you :)
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