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Hi all-

I can not access the clearOs Dashboard from the LAN, only from the WAN side IP.

I thought there was a checkbox for this and set it, but I lost LAN side access and can not find it now to undo. Can anyone help me find this or undo this? PLEASE HELP!

I can ONLY get to my box from the public IP address, which I do not want. I only want to connect via the LAN side. If I am remote, I want to OpenVPN in and then connect via browser.

I do not have any custom firewall rules. These are the only rules in my current Incoming Firewall -

I am on 7.8.1 (Final) for the moment, at least that is what the system is reporting.

I am also running the Intrusion Detection and Prevention apps.

I am so paranoid right now, I am considering wiping and reinstalling clearOS.


Monday, June 29 2020, 06:29 PM
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    Monday, June 29 2020, 07:12 PM - #Permalink
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    Generally the LAN side firewall is always open and there is no checkbox to allow Webconfig from the LAN. It is possible that the Attack Detector has locked you out because of bad SSH access (SSH failures block all ports). I normally whitelist my LAN in the Attack Detector - check the app documentation (the sloping book icon in the Webconfig screen) for how.

    Can you give a screenshot of your IP settings screen? If you want, mask you external IP **if it is a public IP**.
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