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Hello everyone!

I try to configure NAT on my server. I have a WAN in and a LAN

Internet-------WAN Server-----LAN Windows 10

I try to configure the server as Gateway between both network cards. I am at present capable of reaching the server with computers connected in LAN, but these have no access to the Internet.

I tried to restart the server, to configure iptables manually and to change the mode for Gateway.

Thanks for the answers.

Sorry for the bad english I'm french . :)
Wednesday, November 11 2015, 03:45 PM
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    Wednesday, November 11 2015, 06:16 PM - #Permalink
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    It should "just work". How are the PC's getting IP addresses? Have you configured the ClearOS DHCP server at all? How is the WAN getting its IP address?

    From a PC can you ping:
    the IP of whatever your WAN is connected to

    From ClearOS can you ping:
    the IP of whatever your WAN is connected to

    Have you changed the egress firewall policy at all or is it set to default still?

    If you can get to the server with PuTTy, what is the output of:[code]lspci -k | grep Eth -A 3
    uname -r[code]

    From a PC what is the output of "ipconfig /all"
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