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I was looking for some report tool, allowing me to have detailed infos about the computer connected, the bandwidth by user, information about what ip targeted etc...

I am not an expert, and be definitely a beginner.
I found that ntopng sound good for me. may be not the best ? I don't know. it sound to cover all I need.

I found 2 web site, helping me to install it.
also, I was helped by a Friend of mine (David), thanks to him :o)

Here is the link I used :

I suggest that you start to install ntopng, only if your clearOS is working fine, in order to have a stable base to work.
my description assume that you are using ClearOS as a gateway. I cannot know if it works, or not, in standalone server mode ???

let me list again, please, the step, and add some of my "beginner words" or remarks

I was connected to my router, using ssh connection.
Imaging that the admin web page is accessible by :
Then, I open a console under OSX (I work on MAC), and enter :
ssh root@
then, I enter my password.

as this step, I enter :
yum install epel-release wget

the text below is entered in one step. it will add a new repo, containing the needed packages.

cat <<EOT > /etc/yum.repos.d/ntop.repo
name=ntop packages
name=ntop packages

then, when completed, enter this :
yum install ntopng ntopng-data

this, if I don't make mistake, will handle the password ???

yum install hiredis-devel
systemctl start redis.service

enter this
systemctl start ntopng.service

now, ntop is running, but it is waiting a pro license. I wan to use a community license.

this command will display that a pro license is expected : systemctl status ntopng

then, use nano editor
nano /etc/ntopng/ntopng.conf

update the text (there is one line on the file), by this one :

systemctl restart ntopng
this will retsart ntopng.

this 2 lines will allow to start redis, and ntopng, when the ClearOS computer start :
systemctl enable redis.service
systemctl enable ntopng.service

now, it should work... but ti will not :o)

under clearOS, there is a firewall, by default.

using the web admin interface, goes in Network, Firewall, Incoming firewall.
in allowed connection, add a port exception :
nickname : ntop. protocol : tcp. port : 3000.

after that, I was able to connect to ntop, using a web browser :
I entered the IP :
the login, password are : admin, admin.

Please, note that for a strange reason for me, when I rebooted the ClearOS computer,
ntopng was not accessible anymore using, but
I needed to use the Lan ethernet card ip.
in my case, it was

I hope this will help.
(note : I hope I don't have forgot any step :o)
Tuesday, November 10 2015, 09:33 PM
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    Monday, January 04 2016, 09:53 PM - #Permalink
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    I haven't had much luck with ntopng. After struggling to install it, I have run into the following problems:

    - I had to restart my browser (or start a new "privacy mode" session) to log in after a log out.
    - The admin password doesn't seem to stick, I had to reset it from the command line every time.
    - I have seen updates to the Ntop pf_ring kernel module on yum updates and I'm fairly certainly one of these updates caused a runaway process crash on my system.

    I'm sure there's a way to resolve these issues and it's very very likely a configuration/compatibility problem, not an Ntop bug. Regardless, I stopped fiddling with it. There's a new ClearOS app coming that will provide Ntop-like insights into your network, but that won't be available until April-ish.
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    Monday, January 04 2016, 09:56 AM - #Permalink
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    I have been trying to install ntop on my clearos 7.1.
    But it doesn't install.

    First of all the command yum install epel-release wget, say No package epel-release-available.

    Then I proceed and I do yum install ntopng ntopng-data, bit there I have several errors,

    Error : package: pfring-dkms-6.3.0-416.noarch (ntop-noarch) Requires: dkms>= 1.95
    Error : package: ntopng-2.3-160104-750.x86_64 (ntop) Requires: redis >= 2.4.0
    Error : package: ntopng-2.3-160104-750.x86_64 (ntop) Requires: zeromq

    Can somebody help here?
    Already day 3 of trying to install ntop?

    Or is there a other way to monitor my gateway?


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