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Dear Team,

PFA for the simple architecture

- We have Open VPN configured in ClearOS firewall
- Private VM network is only accessible via OpenVPN (or Portforwarding RDP)
- Private VM must have Internet Access without restriction

ClearOS is set as Gateway Mode
Clear OS consist Public and Private NIC / IP
Private Range is
ClearOS is the gateway so
VM1 GW and DNS1 entry is

We are able to do VPN and connect VM's via 192.168.0.x series but we are unable to have internet inside the VM1.
VM1 - Ping, tracert, nslookup works fien but browser doesn't display any page just says you are not connected to any network.
Monday, June 10 2019, 08:44 AM
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    Monday, June 10 2019, 11:21 AM - #Permalink
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    From the Main preimeter firewall we had this issue resolved.

    packet frame was not fragmented...
    change the frame size issue rectified
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    Monday, June 10 2019, 10:27 AM - #Permalink
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    Is ClearOS also virtualised? I suspect it is as it does not normally get ethX interfaces unless it is.

    On ClearOS, what is the output to:
    ip r
    iptables -nvL
    iptables -nvL -t nat
    Please put the results in "code" tags.

    On your VM1, if it is a Windows box, what is the output to "ifconfig /all"

    BTW, using the subnet for your LAN is not a good idea if you are using OpenVPN to access it. Similarly, avoid on your LAN.
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