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I had a usb 5tb drive mounted with backed up files, ALL family pics, ALL scanned documents, software, etc that I was planning to copy to the new clearos 7 home server install. When I went back tonight to copy the files to the server flex shares, all of the files on the usb driver were gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am freaking out at the moment wondering if I am going to get any of these files back.

The only log that I see is one at 6:45pm that says "storage - event occurred". I did install Bare Metal Backup/Restore app at some point today/tonight but did not configure it. I see where the drive with the files is listed in the Bare Metal Backup/Restore app under Detected USB-Storage Devices and it has an initialize button but I never clicked it.

Can anyone help me understand what happened to my files? and any possible solutions for recovery of files? I am scanning the drive at the moment with Raise Data Recovery for Ext2/3/4.

Thanks a ton!
Saturday, January 02 2016, 08:02 AM
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