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Jason R
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I am trying to figure out the best method and where all required files are to move current openvpn users from ClearOS to a different openvpn server. I see the user key and cert is in /etc/pki...

Where do I find the Diffie-Hellman parameters, TLS auth key, the host cert, root cert for openvpn to reconfigure openvpn on the other server? The new server is not clearOS. We are moving to a single server to handle all VPN traffic.

Thanks in advance.
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Monday, July 06 2020, 04:36 AM
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    Monday, July 06 2020, 06:55 PM - #Permalink
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    Have a look at the OpenVPN config file /etc/openvpn/clients.conf. In the short term moving everything across will work when you move it across, but what happens when you need a new user? the CA is in ClearOS so you will need to create his/her certificate there. Also at some point the server certificate will need to be regenerated (but not the CA) to get round what is current a warning in the connection log "WARNING: --ns-cert-type is DEPRECATED. Use --remote-cert-tls instead.". This will have to happen before the OpenVPN 2.5 client is released.
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