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I have clearos 7.4 running on a Proliant Microserver Gen7 for some time now.
I resently got my hands on a Gen 8 microserver.
Can i move my disks over from the Gen 7 to the Gen 8 and keep running the same installation ?
Or do i have to re-install the OS.

Little bit more info.

All the disks are controlled by a P410 smart raid controller. the disks will be moved to the Gen 8 including the P410 controller.

The Gen 8 server has 2 network ports is this a problem.
Will the licensing of my clearos home be affected?

Any other things that i sould think off before i move over?

Any help will be very much apprisiated.

Regards Frans.
Sunday, November 05 2017, 06:34 PM
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    Monday, November 13 2017, 10:15 PM - #Permalink
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    Hello Nick,

    Thank you for your reply, i did move the disk to the new server and indeed i had to reconfig the network wich was quit easy todo.
    Just login to the console and delete the old netowrk config and add one of het 2 new cards.
    I did have a problem choosing between LAN or Extern, it turned out it had to Extern otherwise the server cant find a internet connection.

    I did run in to problems because shortly afther the replacment, my smart array p410 controller died corupting the mirror containing the OS.
    So i had to do a recovery of the system.

    In short yes you can move to new hardware.but you have to move a single drive or you have to move the controller incl the disks.
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    Sunday, November 05 2017, 07:19 PM - #Permalink
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    Without the RAID a disk transfer should generally work. With RAID and moving the RAID controller across, you have a chance. If it works, the main thing you will have to do is reset your networking. You may have to go into /etc/clearos/network.conf and delete any reference to toe old NIC, then configure the new ones. You may get away with just configuring the one you are using. if you manually edit /etc/clearos/network.conf you may need to restart networking or edit another interface to force the configuration to be re-read.

    It has no effect on licensing.
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