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I am running CLEAROS 5.1 fully updated, set up as a gateway, with Samba running to serve a file server directory, mail for my small network, etc.

This morning I noticed that the normal advertising emails were not present in mail. I logged on to the server and found it acting very strangely, every time I changed a view, it would require me to log on again, some functions when selected would cause a php file to be placed in a reader for viewing. I went to the box and did a manual restart, that interface working OK. It came up with cyrus-databases failing, MySQL failing, and everything associated with MySQL failing. Web interface still squirelly. I logged in with WEBMIN and it tells me that my / directory has no disk space left, a second drive labelled b_u is pretty much clear, and my fileserver directory has disappeared.

Bacula says that the last backup of the fileserver was succesful, according to the web interface but it dumps me out when I try to do a server restore and I cannot find the files that I would expect to be residing on the b_u volume. Screwed? Sounds that way

Any help would be appreciated

Friday, April 09 2010, 04:41 PM
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    Friday, April 09 2010, 06:28 PM - #Permalink
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    Found that the drive full problem was causing everything to go wild. Bacula had placed a large file on the main drive that filled it completely, and slapd apparently could not start. Used another users suggestion to verify the slapd database, killed the large files, restarted and all is back to normal.

    Perhaps this will help someone else.
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