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Hi everyone,

Sorry in advance for bad English.

I use clearOS for host my online store, as well as mail server and ftp server. Version is 5.1.

Problem is that system database stops by itself about once a day and needs manually start from webconfig. So i have to watch it all the time because otherwise my customers don't have access to my store.

I have latest updates, actually i also tried update from shell with yum. I also have subscribed to intrusion detection updates and remote server backup.

in Reports->system->logs, nothing strange is reported. I thought that this was happening every time there was a check for system updates, so i turned off automatic mode, but no result. Also i see in logs that intrusion detection is taking place all the time, could this affect mysql?

Usually with Mysql also stops ldap service. I tried an ldapsync from console, but no resaults either.

This is happening for months. Previously i used ClearOS 5.2 in my home Server, also had numerus problems (system hungs), so now I use 5.1 in a cloudVPS os with 1G cpu 512 ram.

I need some ideas - guidance. My knowledges are few about linux servers.
Thank you in advance,
Saturday, October 01 2011, 09:08 AM
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