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On a recent reboot after applying updates, I noticed that the system was waiting to mount the 1 GB swap partition. After 1m 30s it timed out, saying:
Time dout waiting for device dev-mapper-clearos\x2swap.device
Dependency failed for /dev/mapper/clearos-swap
Dependency failed for Swap

If I go into Storage Manager I can see the device (/dev/sr0) listed, but cannot do anything with it there.

The relevant line from /etc/fstab is:
/dev/mapper/clearos-swap swap                    swap    defaults        0 0

Another ClearOS 7 system has a UUID for the swap partition in fstab. It has not had any updates recently.

1. Is the difference in the fstab files due to an update in ClearOS/CentOS--is /dev/mapper/clearos-swap a new technology?
2. What can I try to get the system to mount its swap drive?

Thursday, August 22 2019, 10:45 PM
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    Friday, August 23 2019, 07:52 AM - #Permalink
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    /dev/mapper/clearos-swap should not be new technology. It is just using the LVM for its swap file. On one of my systems I have /dev/mapper/main-swap for a swap file and on another I have /dev/mapper/clearos-swap. I am not sure why they are different - just changes in the installer. On my main server I declined to use the LVM and did manual partitioning. In that case I have a swap partition instead of a swap file and it is mounted by UUID.

    You will need to investigate investigate the LVM to see what has gone wrong. I an not good with the LVM so google will be your friend.

    If you get problems booting you can comment out the line in fstab or try changing "defaults" to "defaults,noauto" but you will be running without a swap file.
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