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Installed 7.1 Final in community mode. No users are able to login. Webaccess page loads up. When trying to log in the page just hangs there and goes nowhere. Ive tried with multiple browsers and its the same thing hangs and hangs and hangs. Any client (phone, tab or pc) when setting up comes back with invalid login and password for any user and any client.
Noticed on server reboots that sometimes not all of zarafas features are turning on on bootup. I have to go into services everytime to make sure they are started. Several times zarafa server was turned off when enabled on reboot.
Am I missing something here with user permissions? Have users set as /bin/bash in shell as well.

Will my IDS updates and Zarafa paid apps roll over to this version
Tuesday, October 13 2015, 02:14 PM
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    Tuesday, October 13 2015, 02:49 PM - #Permalink
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    ok update now

    I'm sitting here typing out the above and I hear a ding on my iphone for inbound mail WTH I look and one of the old email accounts I still have on my phone has 2 inbounds (the user account was created with same username and passwd). There are new emails that were zpushed from my server. WHAT! I bring it up and it immediately pops up invalid username/password for that account but I can access the emails. I decide to try to send one. I send one out to my icloud acct and it goes through then immediately pops ups with invalid username/password. It sent the email because I got it on the icloud account. WTH
    I bring up webaccess and try to log in with that user and it hangs for like 3 minutes then it lets me in to a straight white page.... thats it.
    Thats scarey. Im shutting this email server off until I hear from someone that may know whats going on. This is just asking for a spamhaus block.
    If need be Ill go back to version 6.
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