Johan W
Johan W
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Good Morning, hope everyone are experiencing a fantastic 2022 this far.

Could I perhpaps ask some advice perhaps? When ever creating a new website Ooops!
Folder not found. message appears. The root folder are created ok under virtual - after that no further folders or files are created.

Not to sure what log file to look at to fix whatever is going on. Your time and knowledge are much appreciated.
Wednesday, February 02 2022, 07:36 AM
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    Thursday, March 17 2022, 11:51 AM - #Permalink
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    You will need to enable webconfig debugging:
    touch /var/log/webconfig/debug.log
    chown webconfig:webconfig /var/log/webconfig/debug.log
    touch /etc/clearos/webconfig.debug
    Then trigger the error. After you have triggered the error, turn off the webconfig debug by deleting or renaming /etc/clearos/webconfig.debug or you'll get huge logs. Then have a look at the log file for obvious errors.
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