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In Clearos 7.5, I keep getting Ooops!, folder not found when trying to create a flexshare. I'm not exactly sure how I broke it, but initially I had flexshares setup for mounted drives in /mnt. I created the custom folder row, and all was good. But then I wanted to create a folder on the main drive in the normal Flexshare folder. I went through the process, and everything seemed good, but then it seem to copy all my previous flexshare links into the new folder as linked directories. Seemed weird, so I tried a second flexshare, and now it won't do anything.

When I try to delete a flexshare drive, it says the same thing.

Permissions on the file /etc/clearos/flexshare.config were group: root, owner: root with only only having read/write. I set them to 0777 to see if it would help, no change.

Any help would be great. Even if I have to uninstall flexshares and reinstall, but I'm concerned if I do that, it will orphan things and the reinstall will fail.

Thank you
Saturday, September 01 2018, 07:05 PM
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    Saturday, September 01 2018, 07:44 PM - #Permalink
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    You should restore your flexshares to /var/flexshares/shares. The API expects that to be the precise locations for flexshares. That folder should be owned by flexshare:flexshare.

    If you want a mounted drive, or drives to be the target for your flexshares, you should mount them normally and create folders underneath them and then bindmount them to either the entire flexshare or specific flexshares. Bind mounts are quite useful here and once you get the gist of it, you'll love it.

    For example, under my /store/data1 folder I bindmount out a large 12 TB RAID RAID 5 array. Under that bindmount I create the following folders:


    In backup, I make backups of my OS and configuration files using a cronjob. I can also bindmount my BackupPC to use this as its storage.

    In sbin, I keep the scripts needed to backup this disk. If I decide to use this array somewhere else, my scripts I use in conjunction with this storage follow my storage. Also, since the scripts are here, I can't accidentally launch a script that will use this folder /store/data1 as a target unless is it mounted...neat.

    In log, I keep log files about my scripts and backup jobs

    In live, I create a folder for this server using its server name (server1). I also created a folder for another server that uses this server for its NFS mount

    In the /store/data1/live/server1 folder I create some folders like:


    Then I move stopped the services related, moved the data and then created the bindmounts in /etc/fstab (consult the link above). From there, I can mount the folders and all is golden.
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