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Tonight (22/09/20-23/09/20) the following updated packages are being released:

  • app-dhcp - move dnsmasq logging from the messages log to its own log. Part of an ancient Community Wishlist to reduce noise in the messages log.
  • app-dns - the initial dnsmasq.conf file is held here so app-dns also needed updating as well for the app-dhcp change.

* by the package name = the package is also being released to Business at the same time.

Packages available for testing

  • app-openvpn - move OpenVPN logging from the messages log to its own log. Part of an ancient Community Wishlist.
  • app-wireless-ap - Community contrubution to enable you to configure Wireless NIC's on your LAN. Includes 802.11ac support. You will also want the beta version of app-network to be able to see your WiFi NIC's in the I{ Settings screen.
  • app-dnsthingy - This is the same update as app-gateway-management but also includes a rebranding from DNSThingy to AdamOne. Update with:
    yum update app-dnsthingy adamone --enablerepo=clearos-*-testing

  • app-gateway-management - update with:
    yum update app-gateway-management* adamone --enablerepo=clearos-*-testing

  • adamone - this is the underlying package for the above beta versions of app-gateway-management/app-dnsthingy. If you have either of the above beta's installed, you can update with:
    yum update adamone --enablerepo=clearos-contribs-testing
    Please restart GM afterwards.
  • app-network - code merge complete. Seems to work for everything except external VLANs and a few quirks.

    • Now allows you to set up Wireless and Cellular interfaces. You will also need app-wireless to configure a NIC as an access point. Otherwise manual configuration is then needed for WiFi and Cellular devices.
    • I've tweaked it for kernel mode PPPoE (much faster and lower resources). For the moment we are not forcibly converting PPPoE interfaces over, but if you edit an interface it will switch to kernel mode.
    • Hides irrelevant interfaces from app-network-report such as docker0, veth* and ifb*.
    • Numerous other changes since last 2.6.0
    • Do not use the the update if you use VLAN's on external interfaces.

Unless detailed otherwise, packages available for testing can be installed with:
yum update --enablerepo=clearos-updates-testing {package-name}

Packages being worked on:

  • basics for app-sia v2. This will slow down app release.
  • openfire update to latest version. This is horrible! Anyone want to help?
  • app-attack-detector to add a button beside each banned IP to you can unban it. This was being worked on by an external contributor. I'll see if I can pick it up.
  • app-network - Two more bugs to go. Team Canada may be working on it?

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Tuesday, September 22 2020, 04:19 PM
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