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Tonight (24/11/20-25/11/20) the following updated packages are being released:

  • none - there will be no more updates until ClearOS 7.9 is released. Current target is second week in December.

* by the package name = the package is also being released to Business at the same time.

Packages available for testing

  • ClearOS 7.9. Please see this thread for details.
  • app-dhcp - update the MAC database. We try to do this for every point release of ClearOS.
  • app-network-map - update the MAC database and ethercodes.dat file.
  • app-network - Peter now has a build to test. It can be downloaded from Gitlab and installed manually. It should fix the upstream VLAN issue and a few other things. I would really appreciate some testing, even it is to say "no regressions found".

    • Now allows you to set up Wireless and Cellular interfaces. You will also need app-wireless or better, app-wireless-ap to configure a NIC as an access point. Otherwise manual configuration is then needed for WiFi and Cellular devices.
    • Kernel mode PPPoE (much faster and lower resources) becomes an option when configuring PPPoE.
    • Hides irrelevant interfaces from app-network-report such as docker0, veth* and ifb*.
    • Numerous other changes since last 2.6.0

  • app-wireless-ap - Community contribution to enable you to configure Wireless NIC's on your LAN. Includes 802.11ac support. You will also want the beta version of app-network to be able to see your WiFi NIC's in the IP Settings screen. There are bugs here!
  • app-dnsthingy - This is the same update as app-gateway-management but also includes a rebranding from DNSThingy to AdamOne. Update with:
    yum update app-dnsthingy adamone --enablerepo=clearos-*-testing

  • app-gateway-management - update with:
    yum update app-gateway-management* adamone --enablerepo=clearos-*-testing

  • adamone - this is the underlying package for the above beta versions of app-gateway-management/app-dnsthingy. If you have either of the above beta's installed, you can update with:
    yum update adamone --enablerepo=clearos-contribs-testing
    Please restart GM afterwards.

Unless detailed otherwise, packages available for testing can be installed with:
yum update --enablerepo=clearos-updates-testing {package-name}

Packages being worked on:

  • Unfortunately, mostly testing for the phone release.
  • possibly snort update to 2.9.16 (last of the 2.9 series)
  • basics for app-sia v2. This will slow down app release. This is on pause for the moment waiting for upstream.
  • app-attack-detector to add a button beside each banned IP to you can unban it. This was being worked on by an external contributor. I'll see if I can pick it up.

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Tuesday, November 24 2020, 04:34 PM
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