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Tonight (28/01/20-29/01/20) the following updated packages are being released:

  • csplugin-events - tweak because one event filter was failing.
  • app-base - remove fix I released a few weeks ago as an expedient, now initscripts has been updated
  • The 7.7 installation iso.

* = the package is also being released to Business at the same time.

Packages available for testing

  • app-network - code merge complete. Seems to work for everything except external VLANs.

    • Now allows you to set up Wireless and Cellular interfaces. You will also need app-wireless to configure a NIC as an access point. Otherwise manual configuration is then needed for WiFi and Cellular devices.
    • I've tweaked it for kernel mode PPPoE (much faster and lower resoucres). For the moment we are not forcibly converting PPPoE interfaces over, but if you edit an interface it will switch to kernel mode.
    • Hides irrelevant interfaces from app-network-report such as docker0, veth* and ifb*.
    • Numerous other changes since last 2.6.0
    • Do not use the the update if you use VLAN's on external interfaces.

Unless detailed otherwise, packages available for testing can be installed with:
yum update --enablerepo=clearos-updates-testing {package-name}

Packages being worked on:

  • app-storage
  • app-sia - In theory it worked but does not. Fixes needed. I have an idea to get it working in Gateway mode but it is deathly slow.
  • app-openvpn to add three configuration parameters (client-to-client, "push block-outside-dns" and to force all traffic through the VPN). This is being worked on by an external contributor.
  • app-attack-detector to add a button beside each banned IP to you can unban it. This is being worked on by an external contributor.
  • kimchi 3.0 and wok 3.0. I can build wok and install and get it running with one python error. kimchi will build but cannot install as I am missing a couple of dependencies. This may take a while as I need to try and get EPEL to build them. kimchi is a great VM manager front end for KVM/libvirt. I have a feeling EPEL is going to end up being a brick wall. I've stopped on this one.
  • app-network - It looks like bug #41 is being worked on by the WikiSuite team.
  • app-dns - make the DNS server just bind to active LAN interfaces. Something like this is needed if you run libvirt and possibly docker.
Tuesday, January 28 2020, 06:03 PM
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    Thursday, January 30 2020, 10:17 PM - #Permalink
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    app-dns is available for testing.
    yum update app-dns --enablerepo=clearos-updates-testing
    You should not notice any difference! What is does is stop dnsmasq from binding to all all interfaces (to and, instead binds it to all LAN interfaces in Gateway mode or the External interface in Standalone mode. The reason for this is that KVM, and sometimes Docker want to bind to their own interfaces on port 53, and they can't if dnsmasq binds to There is a command line option to only enable this behaviour if libvirt or docker is installed, but it should be unnecessary.
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