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I've installed the Clear OS 7 , and i have 2 wans and 2 lans like:

WAN1 - 240MB
WAN2 - 50MB
LAN2 -

What i need is:

All traffic from goes to WAN1 and all traffic from goes to WAN2 and when one of the WANs became down the other WAN assuming all traffic for all LANs.
I tryed to make a Multi-WAN source-based route on web, like this:

name= Rule 1
IP Address=
Interface = enp2s0 (WAN1)

name= Rule2
IP Address=
Interface = enp3s0 (WAN2)

But this configuration didn't work my traffic still changing between the 2 WANs.

is this possible? i'm newer in clear os and linux commands, could anyone help me please?
Friday, August 11 2017, 04:51 PM
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