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Hello sir/Ma'am,

I am looking for a best alternative of wfilter for windos, which i used to block and filter internet access of the users in company.
Now i want to switch to clearos (Community version) for testing purpose, all the systems and server are windows based, and i configured port-mirroring with the pc that was monitoring and filtering the other'sinternet access. With port mirroring enabled, all the internet traffic passed from router to my pc first, then my pc monitored and filtered it and passed the filtered internet to the users. Can i deploy this linux based os same way through port mirroring? As the internet will only reach the linux pc first and then it pass on? Or do i need to adopt different method? If i am not wrong pc with clearos installed needs to sit at top of network in order to monitor and filter whole it right?

Will community version able to filter https traffic? And does it has any pre-defined categories for filtering?

I need to know the answer to get the approval of purchasing professional version from the owner, and after the successful test of the free version. So i expect the prompt and helpful response. Thanks.

Also tell me if i can install it on a pc with 4 GB RAM and intel core2duo processor?
Tuesday, May 31 2016, 03:45 PM
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    Wednesday, June 01 2016, 03:29 AM - #Permalink
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    Your hardware will easily run ClearOS. I've been running similar config for several years.

    Content filtering for https traffic is not easy because it is encrypted by design. Having said that you can blacklist categories and so on.

    My suggestion is that you set up a system and have a play and see if you can make it do what you seek to achieve.
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