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Renovacion VPN

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Buenas, actualmente cuento con un servidor VPN con certificados vecidos... me podrian ayudar paso a paso para poder renovar los certificados tanto en mi servidor, como en mis sucursales que dependen de esta conexion. Muchas gracias
Wednesday, August 09 2017, 02:18 PM

Location [ View Larger Map ],-57.57592599999998&language=en&maptype=roadmap&zoom=5&size=450x300&sensor=true&markers=color:red|label:S|-25.2637399,-57.57592599999998
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    Wednesday, August 09 2017, 08:37 PM - #Permalink
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    Which version of ClearOS are you running? You should be able delete your system certificates in the Webconfig. This will force a regeneration. Each user will then have to log into the Webconfig with their own credentials, then delete there OpenVPN certificates. This should regenerate them.

    For safety, take a copy of your configuration backup file. You can restore this if it goes wrong.
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