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Good-day all,

I need help setting the passwords in my database to the new 4.1 authentication style released with the MySQL .Net Connector version 6.6.4. Based on the thread here ( apparently Oracle decided to drop the old password encryption method, as it was insecure. This has brought my development in Visual Studio to a halt as I can't connect to the MySQL database on my ClearOS box (since it uses the old_password authentication method).

They suggested that I do something like this:

set password for 'oldpassuser'@'localhost' = password( '123' )

But all my attempts within the database returns the following:

Query OK, 0 Rows Affected (0.00 secs)

Are you guys even aware of this? If so, can somebody render any assistance?

Thursday, December 20 2012, 09:01 AM
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    Thursday, December 20 2012, 10:57 AM - #Permalink
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    Hello again,

    I managed to resolve the problem after reading through this article on the MySQL site ( Here's what I did - hope it helps somebody:

    The script they gave wasn't working for me. So I did the following:

    Using MySQL Workbench I

    1. Changed the server variable for old_passwords to 0 by unchecking it.
    2. Deleted the user accounts that had the old 16-byte hashed passwords.
    3. Restarted the server.
    4. Recreated the users - and this time passwords were hashed to 41-bytes.

    My application is now able to connect to the database without a problem. Thanks again.
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