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We've been asked, in the past, about alternate architectures for years and if you have been paying attention to the periphery you may have noticed things like this....

and this...

Here is the list of packages that are still failing to build:

clearos (fail)
gconsole - Package dbus-glib-1 was not found
samba - No Package found for libcmocka-devel, python-iso8601
security-audit-aide - No Package found for prelink

contribs (fail)
BackupPC - No Package found for /usr/bin/nmblookup, /usr/bin/smbclient, perl-generators
domoticz - No Package found for libquadmath-devel

It is worth noting that the kernel we will need to use is the straight up CentOS kernel which is 4.x-based and not 3.x based. This was done to resolve dependencies in an architecture where upstream from CentOS, the vendor doesn't produce files nor patches to resolve aarch64 problems. While in Alpha, we will use upstream and not have a local branch (still in development). For the meantime there is no plan for this for ClearOS Business. If there is a business case, we will look for partners and interested parties to demonstrate the need and then will roll in our verified updates and internal QA process. For now, this is a community only based initiative.

We will work to assemble some image file in order to put this all together so that users can download a packaged version.

You may be asking about other architectures, we now have better abilities to do this so if we have enough community sponsorship, we can bring those other architectures on board with our updated build processes.
Tuesday, October 30 2018, 07:30 PM
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    Thursday, December 20 2018, 01:18 PM - #Permalink
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    I've tried and failed to make progress on this. What I had hoped to do on a Pi 3b+ is install Centos Minimal then use a Linode script or something similar to convert it to ClearOS. Currently there is no working Centos AARCH64 installation for a Pi, so, following this doc, I set about installing Fedora AARCH64 then blowing out the root partition (except /lib/modules, /lib/firmware and /etc/fstab) and replacing them with the files from a Centos 7.4 AARCH64 image.

    I can do all the manipulation and the Pi boots (after a bit of a wait) and drops you into a login prompt. I am stuck there. The default Centos image password is "centos" but it does nothing. I went into the files and dropped in my ssh keys and enabled key and password authentication in /etc/ssh/sshd_config (mounting the disk in another live linux distro) but it did not help. If I try ssh'ing in with user/pass or keys I get an unexpected close message, so I have found no way of logging into the installation.

    There is a thread on the Centos lists, [Arm-dev] centos 7 64 bit on raspberry Pi 3 (November) and [Arm-dev] centos 7 64 bit on raspberry Pi 3 (December) which is probably the most promising and worth following.
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