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    Thursday, December 20 2018, 01:18 PM - #Permalink
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    I've tried and failed to make progress on this. What I had hoped to do on a Pi 3b+ is install Centos Minimal then use a Linode script or something similar to convert it to ClearOS. Currently there is no working Centos AARCH64 installation for a Pi, so, following this doc, I set about installing Fedora AARCH64 then blowing out the root partition (except /lib/modules, /lib/firmware and /etc/fstab) and replacing them with the files from a Centos 7.4 AARCH64 image.

    I can do all the manipulation and the Pi boots (after a bit of a wait) and drops you into a login prompt. I am stuck there. The default Centos image password is "centos" but it does nothing. I went into the files and dropped in my ssh keys and enabled key and password authentication in /etc/ssh/sshd_config (mounting the disk in another live linux distro) but it did not help. If I try ssh'ing in with user/pass or keys I get an unexpected close message, so I have found no way of logging into the installation.

    There is a thread on the Centos lists, [Arm-dev] centos 7 64 bit on raspberry Pi 3 (November) and [Arm-dev] centos 7 64 bit on raspberry Pi 3 (December) which is probably the most promising and worth following.
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