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good afternoon,
Excuse me if I mention this that is a bit old.
but in all the guides to create the active directory (LDAP), they send me to install from the market the (samba directory) which in clearos 7.5, does not exist.
I would like to know if they changed it, if they removed it, or if there is some other option for (LDAP) that allows me to create domains, for linux and windows.

Thank you
Thursday, November 15 2018, 05:35 PM
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Thursday, November 15 2018, 08:43 PM - #Permalink
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Thanks for your input. The Samba Directory (beta) was removed from the Marketplace because of an irreconcilable difference in how upstream handles Kerberos. Our new model is that you will use the Active Directory Connector to connect ClearOS to either a bona fide Windows AD server or to a docker image running Samba Directory. The community has been working on this project for a couple of months and you can read more about it here:

Ultimately we will be implementing this approach because it gives the greatest security for AD as well as segregation from other applications.
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    Thursday, November 15 2018, 09:55 PM - #Permalink
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    guys dave and nick really thank you very much for answering.
    I apologize for my English is not my native language.
    I will tell you about my situation, 15 days ago I began to give support in a new company.
    The idea is to implement all the security in the network and a system of registration, entry and control of users.
    I previously used Endian firewall community for networking issues.
    Now I require an AD and I am in tests of several solutions.
    testing Zentyal, the configuration was very simple, but I did not have network traffic monitoring.
    next I'm testing clearos and I think it's an excellent solution since it integrates many applications in which I also like the backup application.
    I will try with the solutions they give me since I simply require a system to enter a domain, to control users and the applications of networks such as firewall, dhcp, dns, proxy,for about 8 computers with windows 10 and 8.
    I am currently testing the community version, I hope I can implement it well and update to a better version.
    the link where I saw the guide here: is an old video of youtube and this other link that is from June 2018 that is in Spanish since it was not found anymore and in the domain results.

    I thank you again for your help.
    I will try to configure with the guide that you recommended me.
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    Thursday, November 15 2018, 08:47 PM - #Permalink
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    If you don't mind, I'll delete your other post. New users get moderated so their posts don't appear immediately. You should be OK now as you've had two posts approved.

    There is no replacement official replacement for Samba Directory. The app had significant shortcomings and there weren't enough people to test it. Can you please link me to the document suggesting Samba Directory and I'll see if I can get it updated.

    The official domain offering the the standard Samba which can do old-style NT4 domains, not AD domains. For that you use OpenLDAP as the Directory Server and Samba just works. Check the docs dor joining machines to the domain.

    The only official alternative now is to use another Active Directory DC on another machine then use the AD Connector to connect ClearOS to it.

    The last option is beta as well. Part way down this thread is a way of running a Samba DC in a docker image in ClearOS then connecting to it using the AD Connector. I got a long way with it, but then the urgency went away. It is most likely going to be the way forward for ClearOS v8, when it comes out. Note if you use it, Kopano won't work and there may be issues with one or two other apps.

    Dave got there first.
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