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Wanted to have proxy cache on a different drive, so I mounted /var/spool/squid to my other partition /dev/sdb1 with storage manager (amongst others)

When I try to start web proxy server, I got this error.

2022/08/28 03:16:19| Set Current Directory to /var/spool/squid
2022/08/29 11:28:45| Set Current Directory to /var/spool/squid
2022/08/29 11:28:45| Creating missing swap directories
2022/08/29 11:28:45| /var/spool/squid exists
FATAL: Failed to make swap directory /var/spool/squid/00: (13) Permission denied
Squid Cache (Version 3.5.20): Terminated abnormally.

So I tried to unmount /var/spool/squid within storage manager (see attached image 1), but when I click on unmount /var/spool/squid, it display this message

"Are you sure you want to unmount partition /dev/sdb1 ?" (see attached image 2)

Didn't dare to go further.

Any help would be appreciated!
Thursday, September 01 2022, 11:10 AM
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    Saturday, September 03 2022, 07:46 AM - #Permalink
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    Try to edit /etc/fstab manually
    Maybe this helps
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