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I have a working solution on Clear OS 7 for users that are in the office and connecting via OpenVPN when remote. It has been working very well for us so far.

I was trying to add a Raspberry Pi to the mix for those users that might pop into the office and utilize resources. Sometimes they may not have the laptop with them. The hope was to have them login via the same username and password they would on their laptop. That would allow them the same resources they have on their laptop (ie the flexshares etc).

I ended up putting ubunutu on the Pi4 and trying to join a domain. Following the directory guide (Directory Server app version 2.5.3) I have the base domain set to while the actual server is

When trying to join the Pi4 to the domain the following command times out as the external publicly hosted website in a data center is not answering as I do not expect it to.

sudo realm -v discover

The actual command I would expect is to use is as follows.

sudo realm -v discover

That times out after 15 seconds (realm: No such realm found:

I stupidly changed the base domain to and that still did not work and after a few minutes of panic because the office was down I changed it back.

I was hoping someone could offer some clear steps or tips to adding the Pi4 as a pinch computer for those random users.
Wednesday, April 07 2021, 07:31 PM
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