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ClearOS 7.7 is nearing completion. We are experiencing some delays today while the mirrors catch up so please bear with us.

One of the more significant changes we hope to make with this version is a merger with the upstream kernel. This will mean that drivers which access the ABI will now be compatible with the upstream ABI such that drivers built for RHEL/CentOS should now be compatible. We will need to beta this.

We also want to update the SDN version to 1.4 which will more easily flow work done on paid packages and packages that are free or included with subscription but that are in the paid repositories. We will also need to test this.

There are a bunch of other improvements coming from upstream as well as new applications from ClearCenter and ClearFoundation.

- Live kernel patching is now supported via kpatch. We hope to highlight this and demonstrate how it works in the near future so that you won't have to restart your servers in order to perform kernel updates
- More drivers and hardware support

- Within the next few weeks/months we will be rolling out a lot of storage-centric updates including Storage Manager improvements, ClearSHARE phase 1, Sia, and ClearCLOUD
Tuesday, September 17 2019, 08:10 PM
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