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2 weeks are user CLEARos, and I can say that I love this system. but I want to add this server appliances and wifi. In one truly transforming the server and router.
What would you recommend the following 3 options?
1) Asus PCE-AC88 Wireless 5GHz PCI-E AC3100
2) TP-Link Archer T9E

What I would prefer is version 1 but will be no problems with drivers and compatibility with ClearOs?
option 3 would be the easy to install. but 1700mbps supports WiFi and cable only 1000Mbps.

what do you recommend ? Thank you.
Tuesday, June 14 2016, 03:25 PM
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Tuesday, June 14 2016, 08:37 PM - #Permalink
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To be honest, I'd avoid wireless NIC's as servers are often not in the ideal place for good wireless coverage in the house/office/wherever and, because of the frequencies involved, any extension antenna cables really attenuate the signal. You'd do much better to use a WAP or router as a WAP as it can go wherever you can get a CAT5e cable + power. If you use a router as a WAP, I'd connect to its LAN port, disable its DHCP and give it a fixed IP address outside your DHCP scope.

Remember to get the high speeds you need compatible receivers and a very good signal. I would have thought it pretty unlikely you'd achieve that headline speed in real life. Have a look at a few reviews.
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