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which Kopano DeskApp tu use?

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Which Kopano DeskApp version should we use? Is this determined by the Kopano WebApp we have installed?
Our server is Clear OS 7.8.1, our Kopano is as provided by Clear: 8.7.12 (Core), (WebApp).
Our desktops run on Kubuntu (20.04 LTS).
Many thanks!
Monday, September 28 2020, 03:06 PM
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Accepted Answer

Monday, September 28 2020, 04:42 PM - #Permalink
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Deskapp is a standalone package which runs on your desktop.
It has no reference with Webapp.

I saw you have also post the same question on the Kopano forum, which is the best pace for this question
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    Thursday, October 01 2020, 12:35 PM - #Permalink
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    Many thanks Patrick!
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