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We have the same issue like in this post with our zarafa mail-server on ClearOS 7.7.1:

I follow the instructions, but the error still exists. Sometimes the email-client thunderbird is not able to store mails on imap directories.
Any help appreciated.

Sun Jun 14 11:53:36 2020: [error ] Previous message logged 16 times
Sun Jun 14 11:53:36 2020: [fatal ] SQL [00001351] Failed: Duplicate entry '26080-m\x9Eq\xBF)nF\xE5\x80x"\x8D5\x9F@|&\xA9\x00\x00\x00\x00' for key 'bin', Query Size: 108, Query: "INSERT INTO indexedproperties(hierarchyid,tag,val_binary) VALUES(677994,26080,'m▒q▒)nF▒x\"▒5▒@|&▒\0\0\0\0')"
Sun Jun 14 11:53:36 2020: [fatal ] ECDatabaseMySQL::_Update() query failed

Zarafa Product version: 7,2,0,48204
ClearOS Community Edition: 7.7-1
Sunday, June 14 2020, 08:38 PM
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    Monday, June 15 2020, 07:43 AM - #Permalink
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    I am afraid some three years ago, Zarafa stopped updating the app and advised people to move over to Kopano (which was originally a fork of Zarafa). To have any chance of support you may need to go to the Kopano forums, but in all likelihood, the answer will be to upgrade to Kopano if you want support.
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    Monday, June 15 2020, 10:41 AM - #Permalink
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    Thank you for your quick statement, yes I have already read about it in the research that Zarafa is at the end of his life.
    Unfortunately I had no information about this when I renewed the license for Zarafa Community Edition for ClearOS on October 25, 2019 for one year. Even now you can still buy the license for Zarafa in the CLEAROS marketplace (https: // myserver: 81 / app / marketplace / view / zarafa_community)
    and there is also no information on the CLEAROS documentation page:
    because of the end of zarafa's life.
    Perhaps CLEAROS should provide current information there.
    Following your advice, I will contact the Kopano Forum. Thanks a lot.
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