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  • ARGHH!!! I HATE Cable! Well... maybe

    So, today I again start to work on my move from DSL to Cable and swapped over doing exactly what I did yesterday a million times and prior to my post.

    Today, or at least right this minute, everything in working flawlessly!!! All ports are coming in and forwarding.

    SO... not sure what to think above Comcast/xFinity. A big plus is that it is about 10 times faster than DSL, (CenturyLink) in my area.

    Again, thanks Nick!


  • Thanks Nick. Will try with this stuff later today and let yo know. I really appreciate the help and input!


  • Researching the modem, which is a Motorola Arris SB6141. According to all the info I could find, It is a bridge modem, no other way around it. It's in bridge mode all the time.

    So... any other thoughts?


  • Thanks Tony. It is in a bridge mode... or supposed to be. I obtain a public IP within a public IP range, not some internal type NAT range, as I can ping the IP directly. BUT, I will find out for sure.


  • Moving from DSL (PPOe) to cable, Dynamic IP

    I am moving from telephone DSL, (PPOE) to cable, static or dynamic Ethernet connection through standard cable modem. I am using version 6.9.0 (final).

    I have a lot of port forwards in my PPOE config for cameras, telephone (sip/iax) etc. When I move over to Cable, I have great Internet but I cannot get into my cameras and my IAX won't connect from the Internet (outside) in. I am using ports that are not suppossed to blocked by Comccast/xFinity, i.e IAX 4049, 8082 and up and etc. I have no problems connecting out on any of those ports. But when I am off property I cannot get in.

    Do I need to delete my port forwarding rules and recreate them now that I have an Ethernet connection and no longer using the PPP connection?



  • Some time has passed and someone might waiting with baited breath about what may have happened. Well... it was a simple modem issue. A bad port.

    Thanks for all the help and ideas!


  • The modem does not have a telnet interface and I am using ClearOS 6.7-1. and FreePBX is a separate box... and it is weird. I may have an issue with the modem as I did call CenturyLink support and she reset "the lines" and it was pretty stable for quite a time, then... whammy. Down again. I will be requesting a new modem but not sure why it would be so intermittent but that is usually the norm, when things start to fade out.

    Thanks for the thoughts and help!

  • The grep output is:

    01:00.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82574L Gigabit Network Connection
    Subsystem: Intel Corporation Device 202c
    Kernel driver in use: e1000e
    Kernel modules: e1000e
    02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82574L Gigabit Network Connection
    Subsystem: Intel Corporation Device 202c
    Kernel driver in use: e1000e
    Kernel modules: e1000e

    An Intel Dual Core Atom ITX board with dual NICs.

    And... ifdown ppp0 && ifup ppp0

    does stop and start the interface. But again, SIP registration fails as does the doorbell video connection until I pull the modem plug and reboot it. Basic port 80 and web browsing works fine after the down and up.

    I am starting to wonder if there is something squirelly with my ClearOS box. I have another, same version same mobo, in use in another place and same configuration exactly, other than the other is really high speed cable, and I have never had an issue.


  • As a followup, since ClearOS is based on CentOS as I recall, adsl-stop and adsl-start works, however when using this method, my FreePBX and sip trunks won't come back. They send out their requests, but nada returns. It seems a cold boot of the modem or a reboot of ClearOS gets that going again.

    Still after thoughts.

  • Forcing ADSL Logon Every X Hours With ClearOS 6.

    My ClearOS box, 1.6.7-1, is on an end of the line telco DSL with some pretty poor upload and download speeds and the Internet is dropping at least once a day or more and only when PC's or phones connect to my LAN and start surfing. Sometimes the whole Internet dies and other times it just seems my FreePBX system cannot register and all registries fail and one door bell camera cannot connect... goes red which is my go to, tell me if I'm up device! I have a static IP and the DSL modem is in Bridge mode. My up speed is less than 1 MBs! As as side note, when we are gone and no PCs are surfing, and my phone system and Windows server, cameras are online, the Internet will stay up forever as I often check it via VPN.

    When this Internet failure occurs and I reset, power off/on, the DSL bridge, everything comes back just fine and I am golden for maybe 12 or more hours and of course depending upon how much WAN activity is going on. I don't think CentruryLink throttles me, and I can get no answer on that but rebooting or going into ClearOS Network settings and just entering my password again and update does the trick as well.

    Is there anyway to force ClearOS to logon to the DSL network every 6 hours as an example?

    I know I would need a CRON job but not certain about the method or command line etc. to get this done.

    Thanks for any thoughts or help!