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  • I have had the weberver up all along. It works fine. I just want to eventually convert to all virtual webservers and have them https. I'll probably just go ahead with the easy route and start over. I was just curious as if there was a procedure in ClearOS.

  • How do I add subdomains to existing Let's Encrypt.

    Hi All,
    I have implemented Let's Encrypt on a COS Home with and it works fine. What I would like to do is to add a few subdomains to this but am having no luck. There is not option to add to exiting Lets Encrypt cert from webconfigure. If I try the --expand from cerbot then I get "cerbot does not know how to configure the web server". What am I missing here? Do I need to register a domain to do this? I STW and found several suggestions but am reluctant to implement them as that I don't want to break anything.

  • Ok, I think I got it working. It looks like a problem of cart before the horse. This was a migration from 6x to 7 using the configuration backup tool. After the migration it was a week or so before adding Owncloud back in.
    I had tried disabling owncloud for the users then reenable it but that didn’t work. What finally worked was to add in a new user with Owncloud privileges, then disable the old existing users Owncloud privileges temporarily. After reenabling the older users Owncloud, the quotas showed up. I did still get quota limit file size error messages while resyncing but after the initial resyncing I haven’t seen any since.

  • I have tried removing and reinstalling owncloud with no luck. What is the procedure to remove owncloud completely?

  • Bob Rose

    Ownloud not respecting quota limits.

    I am having quota issues. I upgraded a 6.x community box to 7.4 home box and migrated everything. That all looks ok. The 6.x box had owncloud on it. After the data migration I installed owncloud for home, it looked like it was syncing up but soon I realized that it was not. On the web interface it displays “Your storage is full, files can not be updated or synced anymore”. On the client (Win10) there is a line that reads “There is insufficient space on the server for some uploads.” There is a little over a 1TB left on the server. Every now and then it will let a few files sync via the web interface. Right now, there is about 1.4GB synced. In the log files I find “script '/var/www/html/owncloud/status.php' not found or unable to stat”. Which seems strange because I don’t think owncloud uses that directory at all and yes it does say “stat”. The quota for the user under user accounts is set to unlimited. I have played around with changing them lower and back up but does not seem to affect the issue.

  • Bob Rose
    Bob Rose replied to a discussion, Missing devopment tools in DB

    Thanks. I just need to pay more attention to yum commands. I was all over the place trying to find the repo.

  • Bob Rose
    Bob Rose started a new discussion, Missing devopment tools in DB

    Missing devopment tools in DB

    I finally got around to upgrading my community box from 6.x to 7.x. I am trying to get my weather station back on the web but am getting this error when I try to compile the app for the upgraded box. "make: mysql_config: Command not found" I am guessing that there is some libraries that the COS6 MySQL box had that are missing on the COS7 MariaDB box. Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Bob Rose
    Bob Rose replied to a discussion, How to migrate paid apps

    Thanks Ben. I mistakenly used the new install option. After using the portal to delete the old system Owncloud did show up. This morning Zarafa showed up so I now have 2 of the three. Hopefully Smart M will show up as available in the next few days.

  • Bob Rose
    Bob Rose replied to a discussion, How to migrate paid apps

    Thanks Tim. I did reassign Owncloud but it was the only one I could find listed. I submitted a ticket for the other two and will wait to see what they say.

  • Sorry if this does not belong here. I haven’t caught onto the jest of the new forums.
    Anyway I needed to upgrade hardware 32 >64 bit and thought this would be a good opportunity to test out 7.1B Community. The install goes to around 70% complete and stopped with "Unknown Error" With the options to report to what looks like redhat or just plain quit. Tried the B3 and later an earlier version with the same outcome.