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  • For me, participation is too painful due simply to the poor performance of the website.
    I find the clearOS website and forum to be unbearably slow to the point of being not wanting to engage or participate because its too painful waiting 5-15 seconds after clicking on a link to see the content. There is a lot of great content that is difficult to extract from the forums... This isn't a new thing - has been an issue since the current format was rolled out. That it is still an issue after a few years just adds to the disappointment.

  • I'm in a similar boat looking for a newer dual nic mATX board to replace an *old* intel atom 2500CC that is unable to run ClearOS 7.x Gigabyte and Asrock seem to have a number of fanless celeron boards but compatibility is hard to assess unless you can find someone running the OS already. A Fanless main board and picoPSU is a good combo for silent low power running ....provided it works.

    Nick Howitt wrote:
    The proxy takes power but, again, is pointless in transparent mode.

    Why is the proxy pointless in transparent mode? I see it as a valuable local cache that significantly reduces my bandwidth to speed up a slow connection.

  • Why do people say app-bandwidth and app-qos dont play well together?

    I'm on ADSL with an relatively slow link. 4500Mbit down/1000Mbit up.

    When the upload is satturated, the download slows to a crawl - this is well documented behaviour common to ADLS that has something to do with the router unable to process ack packets fast enough.

    QOS is supposed to help - the default clearOS QOS gives highest priority to non-TCP packets (includes ack packets ) so it keeps up.

    In practice I'm finding that QOS is not helping.

    What does help is to install the old app-bandwidth and set a ceiling rate on uploads that is a little below the maximum (e.g. I throttle uploads to 900Mbit when the link is capable of 1000Mbit up)

    This instantly restores the download speed.

    So my Q's.

    Why doesnt QOS help?
    Why do people say app-bandwidth and app-qos dont play well together? I have them both installed now and can't see any miss-behaviour but not sure what I should be looking for. I'd like to keep QOS around as we run VoIP phones... but only if its useful. app-bandwidth actually seems to solve out VoIP stutter (due to people uploading) better than QOS did. What am I missing?

  • Grubs
    Grubs replied to a discussion, Installed APC Battery Backup Manager

    Where is it?

    No package apcupsd available.
    No package app-apcupsd available.
    No package app-apcups available.

    Cant find in the market place,,,

    (ClearOS community 6.8)

  • Grubs
    Grubs replied to a discussion, How do I monitor my bandwidth rules ?

    A few years later....

    Copying and pasting Tim's code for TCCS from this forum requires an added fix due to a missing parenthesis (forum code thinking its found smilies?)

    should be

  • ClearOS 6.8 headless removing x11/ClearConsole change to documented approach.

    ClearOS_Community- (32bit) - older ATOM can not run ClearOS7.

    The default install includes a graphics mode GUI and I could not find any option for a minimal text mode install.

    The removal of ClearConsole is documented by Clear Foundation here:

    For various reasons, you may want to remove ClearConsole after the install. These reasons may include:
    Increased performance. By reclaiming the resources required to run ClearConsole, you can optimize further the performance of your server. This is especially useful if ClearOS is running as a VM.
    Alternate graphical state. By removing the ClearConsole, you can make way for the ClearOS Core Desktop interface.

    Note the page does not include a version number for the OS so perhaps is not for v6.8 ;)

    I found the provided yum remove command on that page to be too aggressive as it also removes tconsole (the text mode admin login screen) and shared-mime-info and various "libX" librararies that are dependancies for other packages in 6.8.

    I copied the command from the ClearFoundation page and then deleted the references to '*libX*' '*console*' and shared-mime-info (so those packages are retained on the system).

  • Clean install ClearOS 32bit - libmcrypt missing dependency prevents webconfig

    Just installed ClearOS 6.8 community 32bit from fresh downloaded iso ClearOS_Community- to an older ATOM based machine (Intel D2500CC)

    missing depdency was flagged at last stage of install and when install complete I found webconfig was not running.

    issue resolved at command line by:

    This was a clean install from a fresh production image downloaded from Clear so I was a little surprised at the error...


    Just leaving this here in case it helps someone else.

    I also had the problem of a blank screen on bootup as the graphics mode used by ClearOS is incompatible with my platform. I had to Alt-F2 to get the console to login. I tried many fixes as suggested by searching this forum and could not get a working graphics mode screen ... so I uninstalled x11. - its a headless box after all ;)

  • Grubs
    Grubs replied to a discussion, No more than one column in dahsboard?

    I just encountered this. Firefox v 51.0.1 x64 on Windows 10. All dropdowns on dashboard were unresponsive until column no reduced to 1.

    Configuring dashboard in IE (v11) worked however pie charts would not display ( each box contained lists of text items "function item(){[native code]}" ) - displays all OK in Firefox after config in IE. *shrug*

  • Grubs
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