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  • Nick; thanks for your answer. Now I see that DL380 is Intel and DL385 is AMD. I have tried to make some setups today, and I see price has raised tremendously since 2014 :-O A whopping US$ 8.500 for an pretty basic server with less disks and only 1 PSU and CPU, that's alot more than what the Gen8 was priced in 2014. I'm trying to look at other brands like Fujitsu, Lenovo, and others, to see what I end with. I see also the next-day-24/7-service level has multipled in price since 2014, so that's a no-go for the company. I see i.e. Fujitsu don't have same level on remote management etc, but to be honest I've not used the HP Ilo more than a few times, not enough to justify the hefty price.
    Trying to find some tests / comparsions of servers for SMB-market. Any hints and links are most welcome.

  • AFAIK, the AMD processors in the G10 are 100% compatible with ClearOS. Near in mind HP supply ClearOS preinstalled and I can't imagine them supplying anything which won't work. I have a G10 with the AMD X3216 processor and it is fine.

    For Zarafa, I believe it can be quite database intensive, so, if your customers are very demanding, it may be an idea to get system-mysql onto an SSD using the Storage Manager.

  • Replasing our HP 380P G8 to a G10? What CPU brand?

    Today a company have a DL380P gen8 with E5-2620 v2 CPU, 32GB RAM, 2x120GBSSD in R1 as system and 5x300GB 6G SAS as storage, and they want an upgrade, mainly because of need for more space on discs.
    The DL385 Gen10 seems quite fine as an replacement, but I see some of them is delivered with AMD EPYC 7251 and other AMD cpu's.
    Is the AMD cpu 100% compatible with ClearOS? And is there anyone with some advice for what series of discs to look for?
    Usage is very intensive to email (Zarafa today), they use attachments up to 50MB in mails, and they have alot of these mails, there is the hickup today. They demand no waiting time to get their emails up and running. Using Thunderbird on W7/W8/W10 clients today. No virtualizing today, maybe a old WXP as "fileserver" for some waterjet machines who run good old DOS as OS.

  • Is it possible to let this work for the transmission server in COS, when COS acts as firewall/router with public adress on it? And eventually, is it possible to not let it influence with other services like mail server/flexshare/owncloud? Or is this only possible to acheive with an physical internal client computer?

  • The Norwegian translation need some polishing, so... Yep :p

  • My solution is to turn off the proxy. If you have a relative fast ISP-connection and do not pay by byte, proxy is not essential. I have had this trouble on several (actually all) installs, and all is fixed just by turning off the proxy. I do not know what the fault is, but there is nothing wrong we have done, for sure. We are talking fresh installs on rather powerful xeon-servers with lines from 80/80mbps up to 500/500mbps. With proxy it took ages to load even simple pages, and picture-heavy pages could take a minute to load. Without proxy it takes <1 second. I tried some tuning of proxy on one of the servers, but there was minimal difference. I cannot say anything but "something" has happened with proxy that makes it useless. In older versions proxy almost never gave the slightest hickup, it was very stable and on slower internetlines a very good help. On a school we had 250 concurrently used PC's sharing a 2mbps line. With proxy it worked pretty OK, without several complained about timeouts etc. But this is some 15 years ago :-P

  • Great app! A small glitch is that it is not set to autostart, and if it is set to be one of the modules in the dashboard (https://servername:81/app/dashboard) the webview will hang, until the service is started.

  • Peter Baldwin wrote:

    Hi fikse,

    Please contact to handle any subscription changes.

    Now, I have so much trouble with the frustrating content filter in 7x (slow performance, not able to view several sites, in general far to buggy)

    That's strange, the Content Filter engine (DansGuardian) is the exact same version and the newer Web Proxy (Squid) is a much needed update. Maybe a DNS issue? Or slow response times from antivirus? This may not be relevant to you, but the Community Edition doesn't handle more than 10-20 users.


    Thanks alot for your answer. I have now been in touch with support, and I have got solutions to downgrade to 6.x, if I want. I'll consider it.
    Now, I have tried several installs of 7.x, to eliminate any faults done by me. I have used quite some hours in logs, trying to figure out whats going wrong, but I cannot find the specific fault. Several (Norwegian) sites offering paid videos (i.e, who use https, contacts several secure/license/certificate-sites to figure out if I have paid for viewing the videoes, as I have of course), will not work properly as long as content filter is on. My ISP ( fiber, 80/80 mbps) seems to have everything in order, included DNS. Well, if I change DNS manually to google DNS, OpenDNS or other), it starts working again for a short term, then its stops working, with some faultcodes hinting to loss of data in short moments. If I use 6.x, it works without issues. Even if I tick OFF all possible "brakes" in content-filter, it still makes trouble. Not only video-sites, but also some more ordinary web-pages, some schemes not willing to work... Bah! :-D
    Now, this is not my only concern using 7.x . Loss of samba (not starting, looses connection with LDAP), loss of community edition of Owncloud in marketplace, and no use of the new samba (beta), because of no connection to Zarafa, makes me think it's easier for me to stick with 6.x, ATM. I enjoy some thinkering to get stuff working, but this time I belive there is to much job to get "stuff" to work properly (read: my wife is complaining for not being able to view what he wants on the TV, not able to access files, bla-bla-bla-complaining-bla-bla-bla), so... ;-P
    Hardware should be adequate, Xeon L3426 CPU, 4GB ECC RAM (not able to find new correct RAM for this Intel serverboard), 1GB HW-RAID, server-quality GB-NICs, all approved by RH... 8 users, seldom more than 3-4 concurrently; Plex stealing most of CPU/RAM, but within sensible amounts.