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  • Hi, please I need help for an issue with ClearOS

    I am new wiht this OS, I just bought a HP Proliant Gen10 that come with ClearOS installed
    I get to configurated all and installed an application and a database, anbd work perfectly
    I use SSH and FTP to configurate and upload files to the server
    I need to connect to the Server remotely so I opened the port 20, 21 and 22 (FTP and SSH) to work on the server updating the application I installed, but i get several attempts to connect to the server so I closed them again, but now I can not get SSH or FTP even from a machine on the same LAN. As soon as I open a putty SSH window and logged in wiht root or other user the connection is lost and I get logged off inmediatelly
    I checked the notifications report on the webconfig and it show me the user logged in and the user logged out automatically
    Can someone helped me I try openning the ports again and the result is the same, so I can not logged in or upload files with the FTP (same thing happens)
    Please am I lossing some configuration or permission